Goodbye Ninnie

My Grandmother Lucille Null passed away this past Wednesday. I got the call from my dad around 8:20 am saying that she was gone. We had been expecting her to pass away within 2 weeks or so per hospice. My grandmother was in the latter stages of Alzheimer’s and she had gone to the nursing home in the past year because her care was exceeding my parents abilities.

I will always remember all the time that we spent at my grandparents home in Moulton, AL and at their home at Lake Buchanan in Burnet, TX. There were a lot of good times enjoyed by us all at both of those locations. I remember Chocolate Ice Cream in big plastic tubs and ice cream cones and Coca Cola always being present at my grandparents home. My grandmother was a very good cook and their was always lots of good food to be had there. She was very good in making Chocolate Pies with whipped cream topping that was burnished brown. They were fantastic.

As kids we used to ride big wheels around their wrap around porch but we never went off the rail less porch which was about 4 feet from the ground. We all learned how to ride bicycles on their hill in their front yard. We used our Aunt DeNeise’s green girls bicycle to learn how to ride. We would start a the top of the hill and ride down the grass hill till we fell over. We would do this over and over till we mastered riding the bike.

We had a houseboat that my grandfather had in the yard that was our USS MINNOW that we sailed all over the seas with in our imaginations. It was carpeted inside and you could stand on the roof and walk along its stern. It was a lot of fun. The only thing remotely dangerous about it was avoiding the occasional yellow jacket nests that were built from time to time.

We would roam the countryside behind our grandparents home which was filled with cattle and a creek which meandered through a pine thicket that to us was not unlike NARNIA is to children of my sons generation. We had ponds that we tried to catch fish from and swam in. We had lots of fun in Moulton.

My grandparents moved to TX back around 1976-1977 which put me in 3rd grade and my sister in 1st. We went to Texas quite a few times all the way up until late high school. I would ride DeNeise’s MOPED when she was away at college at UT all over the lake area up the hills and such and down to my Great Grandmothers home in Silver Creek also.

My sister and I also shared one summer with our best friends, mine Craig McCoy and my sisters Melissa Collier when they came with us for a summer vacation there. One thing that would happen was that me and my dad would always help my grandfather with projects when we came down that he couldn’t handle all by himself. That summer with my friend there we got to work on their septic system. My grandfather had gravel delivered and we spread gravel into the septic system drain field. It was a lot of work but we finished it .

My Great Grandmother passed away around 1997 and my grandparents inherited their house. My grandparents rented it out until last year in 2009 or so when they sold it. It was right across from Lake Buchanan.

My grandparents moved up to my parents home later on and my grandfather passed away to complications from cancer. My grandmother made it many more years before she caught the bus to heaven on Wed. We miss you Ninnie and Grandaddy!.. Thanks for all of your love. We love you..Goodbye..

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